(Self Varified) Real Research App Loot- Get Rs 20-50 On Signup & Earn 50 TNC worth Rs 100 Per Refer

Are you aware of cryptocurrencies? Well, Cryptocurrencies are a future payment system. Today Real Research App is offering free Rs 20-50 On Signup & Earn 50 TNC worth Rs 100 Per Refer. So, hurry up and withdraw in your bank.

Real Research App

Note- There are no any KYC. So, Loot it guys (Must Read All steps)

How to get Rs 20-50 On Signup & Earn 50 TNC worth Rs 100 Per Refer?

1.  Visit here to get Rs 20-50 On Signup (must)

2. Open & Do Signup Process By Verifying Email – Select India & Verify Number As Well

3. Now Login & Click Create Wallet & Enter Create Any 6 Digit Pin

Note: Enter DOB Of Minimum Age 20 Years (No KYC + More Survey)

4. Enter Other Details & Signup Process Done!!

KYC Process :

1- Complete Minimum 3 KYC Level To Activate Account (Give fake detais)

2- In KYC Give Any Random Details (No Need Of Geniune Details)

3- Now Complete Surveys Available for Your Account (Takes 10 Second To Complete As There Are Only 4-5 Questions)

4- For Each Survey You Will Get 5-10 TNC

5- Now TNC Is A Crypto Currency Same As Bitcoin (BTC)

6- 1 TNC = Rs 2.5 (As On 13 Feb) So On Signup You Will Get Around 20 TNC & 50 TNC Per Reffer

7- 20 TNC = R s 40 + & 50 TNC = Rs 100+

8- Share Your Refer Link & Earn 50 TNC

Redemption Process-

Step 1: Create an account on HotBit & Download App

Link : https://www.hotbit.io/register

Note : Minimum 100 TNC Coins required to receive in Hotbit, so Collect TNC from all Reel Research account to 1 Account and then do withdraw Procedure. If you transfer TNC less than 100 in Hotbit it gets lost!

Step 2: Tap on Deposit > Choose TNC/BTC > Copy Wallet Address (hotbitio) and Memo (Important)

Step 3: Open Real Research app and Send TNC to copied address.

Step 4: Once you receive TNC in HotBit.

Step 5: Tap on Market and search TNC/BTC – Sell all TNC now to get BTC

You can directly send BTC to ZebPay also and ignore below 5 Steps. But BTC buy sell maybe difficult as rates fluctuating a lot + Transfer fee is also high.

Step 6: Once TNC is Sold, Goto Market and search TRX/BTC, Now buy TRX with all your BTC (TRX has low transfer fee)

Step 7: Once you bought TRX coins, Now Open ZebPay > Wallet > TRX > Deposit > Copy address

Step 8: Now send the TRX coins to ZebPay Address

Step 9: Now finally sell TRX to get INR (Search TRX/INR in ZebPay) and sell it

Step 10: You will get INR money which you can send to your bank 🏦

Note: If you are having Trouble in Transferring BTC then Buy TRX Coins with 100% BTC you have and then send to CoinSwitch / other Indian Wallets

ZebPay App : http://link.zebpay.com

CoinSwitch App:

if CoinSwitch not accepting TRX then use Zebpay


Updated: February 21, 2021 — 9:03 am